Kids bullying in schools

As I watched her look at me helplessly, I knew immediately there was something bothering her then she spoke”Mummy I need someone that will be protecting me in school cos I have been beaten in school everyday “What!” I exclaimed.By who and why?These are the questions that came out of my mouth.She now started telling me how some girls usually beat her up during break and most times after school dismissal for no just cause.

That is my second daughter bliss reporting her bullies to me.DF has left for secondary school,so she is the only one in primary and also only one taking care of herself in school.Her bullies are using the advantage of the fact that her elder sister is no longer in the school and be bullying her.

According to Wikipedia “Bullying is the use of force,coercion, or threat to abuse,aggressively dominate,or intimidate”.

Bullying, in all its ramifications can be emotionally devastating for anyone who experiences it.What we don’t know is that it can have long lasting effect on the victims. Parents should discourage children who have a tendency of bullying other kids.Too often,children are ashamed to tell their parents about being bullied.

Parents have a role to play in making their children bully-proof,simply by building the confidence in them,then occassionally ask the kids how their peers treat them at school.They should taught to be bold enough to report whoever bullies them to the school authority and to their guardians.

I would suggest we tell our kids possible ways to avoid bullies,which is making sure you stay away from them as much as possible.Always go with a companion,as this will help to scare them away.This is not weakness but rather being smart.

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Is it right to choose subjects for your kids?

Well,I would say it’s not right while some persons may say it’s right.

In my own perspective,I think it’s better for kids to choose the subjects they think they can do very well .Not the one that they will be struggling to pass.Just to please mom and dad or so called aunties and uncles.

Why I was saying this,is because I have seen a lot of homes fighting because of this subjects issue.where a kid will be saying no,this is what I want.The parents on the other hand will be saying I disagree with you,this is what I want for you.Most times they even start threatening each other.kid will be saying I’m no longer interested in that school thing and the parents in the other  hand will be saying;if you don’t do the ones i choose for you I will no longer pay your fees.

What most parents don’t know is that if eventually that kid succumb, he or she may not do well in those subjects chosen for him or her.And you won’t blame them for that. Cos it was forced on them.

Another one is inculcating fear in our kids over those subjects they choose to do:You will hear some parents or guardian telling there kids that the subjects they choose to do is very hard and,that they cannot excell in those subjects. Which we all know it’s a lie.How do you know that,that kid will not put all his or her efforts in doing those subjects since it’s what he or she likes to do.

I remembered when I was about to enter senior secondary.One of my aunties asked me the subjects I would want to do.I told her but when I mentioned Geography, she screamed. Telling me that I can’t do it,that it’s a hard subject. Do you know that, at that very moment I disliked geography and never did it because of fear.The deadly fear my aunt imposed  on me made me not to choose geography and I’m still regretting it.

Well,I’m suggesting that we should allow our kids to choose whatever the subjects they want to do.This will help them in choosing their career course.As for me,I have decided not to interfere in my own kids choosing their subjects.But will be there in guiding and answering their questions whenever they ask.

Still want to hear your opinion on you all!

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I had an encounter with an older woman the other day,on how i should be parenting my kids.I didn’t say that it is not good to take advice’s from people,more especially the elderly ones. But what i am trying to clear here is that don’t let people see you or think that you don’t know what is good for your kids.

Look at what transpired to this.Our regular water from our tank,finished. Then at that moment i needed some water for laundry,and hubby is not home yet,he would have been the one to fetch me some water.I saw my tenant going towards our well to fetch some water.I asked my daughter(DF),to carry a bucket towards her so that she will help put some water for her,meanwhile i don’t like my kids going towards that well,because i am scared of it.But that moment i needed water,so don’t have any option than to allow her to go.On the process of fetching the water ,what they were using fell inside the well.

What happened? the lady she went out to fetch the water with ,asked her to try it by herself (as in fetching the water from the well by herself).As she was trying, the tube they were using to pull the water fell off her hand.According to her,she said both her and the woman burst into laughter.Meaning the woman was not angry,rather she said to her that she should try next time.

When the woman went inside, she told her mother that came visiting about what happened. Do you know that this her mother called me to tell me that i should be teaching my daughter on how to draw water from well.I told her madam you see,i don’t know how to do it talk more of teaching my daughter. She got more furious. She started lamenting, that that’s how we spoil our children, that in their village little kids can do more than that.I was like excuse me ma! The last time i checked,she(my daugter)and i are not from your village, and we are not living there either.So you can’t be comparing us with people in your village.

What am still saying is that we moms should not allow people to make us look like we don’t know how to raise our kids properly. It’s not when you impose hard chores on your kid,is when you are raising your kid well.You should know what your kid can do at each level of growing up.But please we should not over pamper them.

The child in question, does almost everything in the house except fetching water from the well.Even her dad forbids her from doing so at this her tender age.Besides I don’t even have any house help.So I don’t know why someone will think that i am not raising her well, just because she can’t draw water from well.

Please if you know you have encounter similar situation like this, where someone will be telling you on how you can raise your kid against your way or wish.Don’t hesitate to share your own story at the comment section.

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Hello,it has been long Dearie’s.Mehn I am not finding it funny right all know that school has resume, I am left alone with two munchkin that have succeeded in disorganising!

It all happens that two of my older daughters have resume for the first term’s academic year,and I have been left alone with two of my younger daughters (Kayla and Tiffany).Kayla whom just turn two supposed to be in preeschool but unfortunately she is still at home because we have to settle for DF’s(my first and older daughter) school registrations before hers.DF just got admission into secondary school and we are so happy seeing her entering into junior secondary school one.Bliss my second daughter is still in primary, hopefully she will be entering secondary next academic year.

We have decided to allow Tiffany to start school January,which we think that will be convenience for us.But right now she and Kayla stays at home with me whenever their sisters live for school.Kayla is five months and still on exclusive breast feeding,so she needs my attention more than anything.

Whenever the older kids live for school,I will be running around the home like such a machine, trying to finish all the work in the house.Starting from bathing Tiffany and kayla,putting clothes on them,feeding them,which most times Tiffany prefer to eat by her self and I will wait patiently for her to finish before I will embark on cleaning the whole house.

Kayla, usually sleeps after bathing.So it’s Tiffany that is giving me more headache. I will be begging her to stay at a place for me to clean the house,but she will not listen rather,she will keep on doing whatever she’s doing and this pisses me off.Sometimes I lose my control and spank her which I always later regret.

Meanwhile, I have a way of making her to sleep whenever she’s done with her scattering work.she prefer backing, so I used to back her. Since that’s the only thing that will make her fall asleep easily without much stress.

Then I would just rush to the bathroom, quickly have my bath before baby Kayla wakes up.Try eating,but most time I do skip my breakfast. Guys,it has not been easy really! Being a stay at home mom, is a big job.Read and have fun till my next you all!

DF’s First Menses Experience.

On that faithful day,was washing their clothes(meaning my kids).Then saw blood stains on divine favour trouser nighties and I was shocked. Fear became the order of the day, was trembling as well.Many questions started popping up on my brain.

Firstly,I asked my self.was this mensuration? then I said it can’t be,because she is just ten years. How can a ten year be mensurating?Is this normal?or is she sick or something? These are the questions I kept asking myself while going through her nighties. Then one voice told me to call her first and ask her what’s going on.Which I eventually did but to my greatest surprise she didn’t even notice anything.As in she didn’t even know that there were blood stains on her nightwear.

Since she has taking her bath . I had no option but to ask her to check her underwear.which she did in my presence,lo and behold there were blood stains on her panty.She was in great shock,then she asked me was this menses or what?Meanwhile, she knows about mensuration because I have been lecturing her on what menses is all about.Then I said it might be, but she should allow me to contact few people I know to know if it’s normal because she’s too young.

Fortunately, I manage to get few of my friends through call that morning. Then I told them what I just saw and all them said is normal for her age.That is the only time my fear went down a little bit.She also told me that she had slight headache the previous night with stomach ache which she taught it might be from stress from school and stomachache from the night meal she took.

Then I went and brought out pad and started teaching her on how to place it on her pant.Taught her about changing it at least three times a day.I remember telling her that ,that is the most important time that she should be taking proper hygiene of herself to avoid contacting infections .That she should be bathing at least three times daily. Make sure to change and wash her undies frequently.

Lastly, we talked about the duration of the menses.The symptoms and how it’s usually appears.Then talked about the main thing.Sex and how to avoid men.Still teaching her on the sex stuff though.

Fellow mom,you all know that this is one of the greatest fear in raising a girl child.Thank you as you read and enjoy. Please comment below on what you taught about you all! Meet you on my next post.

My kids and the holiday.

Hello,moms hope you all are enjoying the summer holiday with your kids?I couldn’t remember the last time I took a nap in the afternoon,this sounds funny can be noisy but the truth is that their noise is good.

It happens that my second and third daughter birthdays fall within this summer holiday.They have been planning within themselves how it’s going to be,and also been praying for me to celebrate it for them.

Unfortunately, Tiffany’s (that is my third daughter) birthday came up when I’m totally broke.No money to make her cake,couldn’t even buy one for her.The irony of the whole scenario was she wasn’t sad when only biscuits was what we bought for her.She took them and be jumping up and down but, inside me I wasn’t happy cos she deserves better than this.

Tiffany and baby kayla

We prayed for her,letting her know that birthdays are not only for cakes and party’s. We assured her that she still going to have better birthdays in future.

Meanwhile, we have started planning for bliss birthday.Since hers is few weeks away.I’m planning on baking cake and chin-chin.Then prepare pineapple juice too.Then her siblings are composing a song for her.Hope this will go a long way, cos I’m still broke need to manage whatever to make this a success.

Dear,moms if you have anything to suggests more.I will be glad to listen.kindly drop your comments, if I’m good to go with the ya!

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